PRESS: Brook Trout Caught During Angling Masters' Tournament Confirmed a World Record
Catch by National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Manitoba angler's 29-inch long, 15- to 16-pound brook trout  

Date Released: 01/25/2007

The Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame has awarded Manitoba, Canada angler, Tim Matheson, its Fresh Water Fish, World Angling Record for a 29-inch brook trout
Matheson caught during the inaugural four-week "Fish'n Win" tournament produced by Angling Masters international and "The Fish'n Line" magazine.
Matheson, owner of Kenanow Lodge near Sherridan Manitoba, landed a brook trout that measured 29 inches in length with a girth of 21 inches during the October
2006 tournament held at Manitoba's Barbe Lake. After measuring and photographing the fish, Matheson and his fishing buddy released it back into the lake.

"As much as I love fishing, it wasn't worth the risk of killing that magnificent fish to have a world record," Matheson said. "So after measuring the fish and taking some
pictures, we slid it back into the lake."

Estimated to weigh 15- to 16-pounds and convinced it was a potential world record fish, Matheson submitted photos and details of his catch to several sport fishing
organizing bodies, one of them being the Hayward, Wisconsin-based Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

After reviewing Matheson's photos during its annual world record classification process, the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame awarded Matheson the number one
position in its "Fresh Water, Catch and Release" category. The Matheson's brook trout broke was 4 inches longer than the previous record, which has stood since
April 1995.

"Tim caught a great fish," said Emmett Brown, executive director for the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. "But he also released it so it could thrill another angler
some other day and also reproduce to keep the species alive."

Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame records are updated quarterly and are printed in each issue of the Hall's in-house magazine, "The Splash". For his record catch,
Matheson will be listed in "The Splash" and in the Hall's annual record book. Matheson will receive an official Hall of Fame certificate and world champion
shirt-sleeve and back patches.

Angling Masters International also awarded Matheson $1,000 as the winner of its inaugural "Fish'n Win" tournament. Scoring was determined by Angling Master's
unique points system, which levels the playing field for different species and locations throughout North America.

For more information, interested individuals can · Learn more about the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame at; · Read about the
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