The Pas, known as the "Gateway to the North," is located
approximately 600 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg, the capital city
of Manitoba, Canada.

The Pas is both a geographically and economically integrated
region that is composted of three distinct communities: the Town of
the The Pas, Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) and the Rural
Municipality of Kelsey. Its unique location on the rich soils of the
Saskatchewan River Delta surrounded by dense Boreal forests and
countless fish stocked lakes endows the town and surrounding
area with a colorful heritage and panoramic beauty.

The Pas Region has a healthy and diversified economic base with
forestry, agriculture, service and transportation being the major
industrial pillars of the regional economy.  Retail, wholesale,
tourism and commercial fishing are other industries that pump life
into the northern town.

The rich soils of the Saskatchewan River Delta provide  the
surrounding communities with some of the most productive
farmlands in western Canada.  The Pas enjoys about 10 extra
growing days in comparison with farmlands in southern Manitoba
due to our geographic location (53rd parallel), which provides the
area with longer summer daylight time.
Tolko Industries, a world-class lumber, pulp and paper
manufacturer, is the primary employer in the area.
Tolko industries operations include a pulp and paper
mill that manufactures high performance unbleached
kraft paper. Currently, Tolko Industries employs 750
people at the mill site.

The Pas truly is the "Gateway to the North," as it
serves as a transportation hub in northern Manitoba.
With its headquarters based in The Pas, Hudson Bay
Railway (HBR) operates its railway system throughout
northern Manitoba and provides the only land
transportation connection between the Manitoba
interior and Hudson Bay, an important harbour
connecting North America to Europe.  The Pas also
serves as the highway transportation hub in northern
Manitoba.  The Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) No.10
and PTH No.60 (via No.10) serve as the major
transportation arteries connecting The Pas and other
communities in the northwest region of the province to
southern Manitoba and USA.  Currently, passenger
services are provided by Greyhound Canada and VIA
Rail.  Calm Air, Beaver Air and Bearskin airlines
provide the region with scheduled air passenger
services. Several small aviation companies offer
chartered air services at the Grace Lake Airfield sea
plane base.
The Pas and surrounding area offer abundant adventure
travel and ecotourism opportunities.  The region features
countless lakes, endless Boreal forests, diverse flora and
fauna. It boasts some of the most legendary fishing lakes
in North America, abundant game animals, well-preserved
wilderness provincial parks system and friendly
northerners.  Anglers are able to pit their skills against
trophy lake trout, monster northern pike, and succulent
walleye.  The area is rich in wildlife such as moose, black
bear, wolves and other small fur-bearing animals.
Opaskwayak Cree Nation, adjacent to The Pas, is a
community with a thriving culture, a rich heritage, and
bright future. Several thousand years ago the junction of
the Saskatchewan and Pasquia Rivers became a meeting
place for early aboriginal peoples. Today, it is the home to
over 4500 people of Cree descent.

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation is the second biggest
employer in the surrounding area and is one of the
economic leaders among Manitoba’s First Nations. OCN is
a thriving community, which, since the 1960’s, has pursued
the road to autonomy through the development of
strategies that enhanced its economic base while
controlling its own commercial enterprises, education and
health services, community works, and finances. This has
allowed OCN to expand and prosper. As OCN continues to
develop this economic base, many new goods and service
providers brighten the horizon.

OCN is also proud to own and operate the OCN Blizzard
Junior A Hockey Team. The Blizzard is a member of the
Manitoba Junior Hockey League and plays out of the
Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre on the Opaskwayak Cree
Nation. In their relatively short existence, the Blizzard has
been extremely successful and has established a winning
tradition of excellence.

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation is self-governing. Every two
years, elections are held and a Chief and 12 Councilors
are chosen to establish policy and provide direction for the
administration of OCN public and community services.
The Rural Municipality of Kelsey is located just
outside the surrounding area of The Pas, Manitoba.
The R.M. of Kelsey's boundaries stretch 120 kilometres
from south of The Pas and as northerly as the Local
Urban District of Cranberry Portage.

The Rural Municipality is a collection of communities
that form a very effective jurisdiction. The R.M of
Kelsey consists of five different areas. These areas
include Carrot River Valley (Pasquia Settlement),
Young's Point, Big Eddy and Unpherville Settlements,
Ralls Island, Wanless and the Local Urban District of
Cranberry Portage. Each of these areas are
individually too small to form an effective government,
but combined from an effective, well-managed

Kelsey offers visitors many great outdoor activities and
events! The R.M. of Kelsey has all of your camping
needs, whether for camping in the great outdoors to
hunt that "trophy", or fishing for the "big one." The folks
of Kum-Bac Kabins, located in Wanless
(204-682-7489) are equipped with boat launches and
BBQ pits for those starry nights by the campfire. Rocky
Lake Cabins (204-682-7423) also gives campers a
little more luxurious R&R. The cabins are equipped with
showers, washroom facilities and a great restaurant.
Caribou Lodge (204-472-3551) located in Cranberry
Portage, is also available and equipped with a licensed
dining room and lounge, package trip plans, and is
open year round. Cranberry Portage's Tonepah Lodge
(204-472-3372) is waiting to take you on a true
northern adventure!
OCN is an active and vibrant community that has much
to offer its residents. OCN has many organizations with
people involved in activities that reflect it’s cultural
values and heritage.

There are also family events that take place at OCN
including youth programs, recreation, aboriginal culture
camps, fishing derbies, arts and crafts, and various
other festivals throughout the year.
Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Club (204-623-7551), located
in the Rural Municipality of Kelsey, gives golfers access to a
nine-hole golf course and is also equipped with a restaurant
Outdoor adventure is yours with plenty of area for those
vigorous walks of just a nice, scenic stroll to clear your mind
after a busy day at work. Many people also take advantage of
the smooth paved highways for biking, roller blading and

The R.M. is also a haven for skiers and snowmobilers alike.
Enjoy the many kilometres of groomed trails through the R.M.
and Cranberry Portage.

The Grass River Provincial Park attracts recreational travelers
from around the world, with its numerous canoe routes, hiking
and biking trails, ski trails and campsites. There are several
beaches, as well as, campgrounds, lodges and public boat
launches to accommodate your needs.

The Athapapsukow Lake just west of Cranberry Portage, is
one of the world's best "lake trout" fishing waters in Canada!
This lake will be sure to pull all those anxious anglers into
Cranberry Portage.

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