A North of 53 Fishing Experience

Clearwater Lake- located in Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

Clearwater Lake, a deep clear, cold lake, is renowned for its excellent water quality and large lake trout.  The near circular lake, 16 km in
diameter, has an average depth of 13.1 m (43 ft) and a maximum depth of 39 m (127 ft). Lake clarity has been measured to a depth of 11 m or
36 ft.  It is spring-fed and lacks major inflowing streams which may carry silt, although there are several small inflowing streams on its south and
west shores. The single outflowing stream empties into Cormorant Lake and eventually into the Saskatchewan River system.

Barbe Lake - "Named Best Rainbow Trout Destination" by
What's Your Catch?

Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Walleye Fishing are just a few of species you
can try your luck at. If Trophy Fishing is what you are looking for, look no
further, Adventure Territory is the place to be!
Northern Manitoba's
#1 Fishing
When Manitoba anglers talk about their rainbow trout fishing, it's in almost
apologetic terms. You hear things like, "They aren't native fish," or "It's just
put-and-take fishing." But Manitoba has enough opportunities to keep the
most easterly of the western trout fishermen happy.
Most of Manitoba's 'bows reside in the western part of the province, with the
largest ever caught, a 30-1/2-incher, coming from Barbe Lake, northeast of
The Pas. The lake was reclaimed from a private fish farm and stocked with
100,000 rainbows in 1978. Since the mid-'80s, it has benefitted from the
planting of some 25,000 fingerlings annually.
Rainbows respond to the usual suspects when it comes to lures. Small
spoons and spinners work their magic here, but if ice-fishing, you better
pack the local favourite, the Cicada jigging spoon.
One of the reasons Barbe has a good fishery for 'bows is that it is still
pike-free in a part of the world where northerns are as common as minivans
at a mall. Other lakes in the area worth checking out include Bower, Silver
Beech, East Blue and Tokaruk.

By: Geoff Coleman  Outdoor Canada
The area around The Pas, Manitoba boasts some of
the best fishing in Northern Manitoba and in North
America. Visitors from across Canada and the United
States make the trip up North for their chance to catch
a BIG one! With several accessible lakes nearby and
the Saskatchewan River Delta at arms length, the
fishing opportunities are endless.
Lake Trout Fishing
Lake trout fishing Manitoba Canada gets no
better than Clearwater Lake!  Its not unusual for
each person to catch 10 to 20 per day while lake
trout fishing in Manitoba, and sometimes more.

Spring Lake Trout fishing in Manitoba is very
good starting in shallow water, moving deeper in
mid-summer up to 110 feet of water. Lake Trout
fishing trips to Manitoba stay very good all

August is a good time to catch high numbers of
Lake Trout including Trophy Lake Trout in cold
deep water. Manitoba's Clearwater Lake Trout
are very active at this time of year. Clearwater
Lake provides you the best Lake Trout fishing
trip in Manitoba.
Northern Pike Fishing
Clearwater Lake also boasts
Northern Pike Fishing. The clear
water gives you a chance to see
monster fish attack your lures
while northern pike fishing in
Manitoba. Visibility can be 20 or
30 feet away from the boat.

PRESS: Brook Trout Caught During Angling Masters'
Tournament Confirmed a World Record Catch by
National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame